We are a small family company whose patriarchs have already inherited from their ancestors, the knowhow of olive oil production oil and never losing of perspective the technological progress that can be used in benefit of the quality standard that is demanded today.

Our company is located in a small and traditional village in the northeast of Portugal, Vinhas, near Macedo de Cavaleiros. The weather in the region along the year allows us to produce olives with total exempt from pesticides.


We produce olive oil from olive groves located in the heart of Northeast Transmontano, more specifically in the north zone of the district of Macedo de Cavaleiros that integrates the demarcated region of the olive oil of Trás-os-Montes.
The olive groves are of a regional varieties, that is to say Santulhana, Cobrançosa and Madural, and conjugating the traditional processes of production with the most modern, cold processes of extraction, without any intervention of chemical agents, starting from fresh and clean olives, it is possible to produce a balanced olive oil, with smell and flavor to fresh fruit with a notable sensation of sweet, bitter and pepper. Folhas

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