Garrafa All the olive oil we produce is extra virgin, meaning that is extracted from the olives at low temperatures and only by mechanical means.

The olive oil to be classified as extra virgin also demands that the chemical and organoleptic properties must be well defined and controlled. For example the oleic acid of our olive oil rarely exceeds 0.4% while in average is only 0.25%. The maximum allowed value is 0.8%.

Olive oil flavor, like others fruit juices, wine for example, depends on climacteric conditions, soil, cultivar, maturation state and many other factors. Is the conjunction of all this factors that distinguish olive oil apart from each other, creating multiple varieties of flavors and sensations.

Our olive oil typically can be described as ripe fruity, with a sweet sensation and a touch of bitter and pepper.

Taste our olive oil, and explore all his flavors and sensations!

How to buy

Unbottled olive oil and commercial clients
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